Usually, the moment you see a rock flying and spinning towards your windshield from the tire of another car, you know exactly what’s going to happen. It starts out with a small chip and progresses into a spider web, then, by the time you get home you have a crack a foot-long traveling across your windshield. That’s just the beginning of your headaches, dealing with the insurance company and the auto glass company when you really need to be working at your job. It doesn’t have to be that way, windshield replacement can be handled quickly and easily by Plano auto glass repair in a professional and timely manner.

Taking The Car Into The Shop Might Cost You Half A Day Or More At Work

The process of removing the windshield and cleaning up the mess, then installing a new one can take the better part of the day in the shop. Since there are thousands of different makes, models, and years of windshields, most likely the auto glass shop will need to order one that fits your car exactly.

You’ll want to insist on an original equipment manufacturer for your window to make sure they aren’t replacing it with a less expensive imitation that may chip easier in the future and not have as high of a quality of tinting.

There are almost always local warehouses that stock thousands and thousands of windshields, ready to be delivered to the shop daily, but while you’re waiting it might seem like a long time to you.

A Great Alternative Is On-Site Windshield Replacement

Nearly all Plano auto glass repair shops can handle an on-site replacement job at your home or place of employment. They have a special crew that can bring the windshield to your place of business and do the job on-site in just a couple of hours.

They’ll need the make, model, year, and amount of tinting of the windshield you have now in order to bring the right one. Then, they’ll set up a temporary canopy over your car to protect them from the weather while they work. They’ll also have a full complement of tools including a battery-powered vacuum cleaner to clean up any broken glass or debris that may have occurred.

The Cost Of On-Site Windshield Replacement Is Nearly The Same

Some Plano auto glass repair shops specialize in doing their jobs on-site and therefore the price is quite competitive with having it done in the shop. As far as most clients are concerned, since they are usually just paying their insurance deductible, that is the only price they pay.

However, the fact that the client doesn’t need to drive to the shop and wait for half a day while the job is done can and up being a huge money saver in the long run. Not everyone can even take half a day off from work depending on the type of job they do.

If you’ve just recently experienced a cracked windshield you might want to call your insurance agent and see if he has any good suggestions on having the job done at your place of employment. The convenience of doing so makes your windshield replacement an absolute breeze.