Lamborghini-Aventador-Roadster-Galaxy-by-DXSC-2Leading Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, Lamborghini launched a new Huracan Spyder last week. Owned by Audi, parented by Volkswagen, Lamborghini employs 831 people at the headquarters in Italy.

Preliminary journey

Founded in 1963, by Ferruccio Lamborghini, the full name of the company is Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. Initially, Ferrari was the prime rival of the company. By 1966, the company had gained popularity with the Miura, a rear-wheel drive sports coupe that set a benchmark for SUVs of the era.


Unlike many companies that take time to rise in the game, Lamborghini rose to great levels of success in the very first decade. However, the sales were affected in 1973 due to the stock market crash and the oil crisis. The company went bankrupt in 1978 and went through a couple of ownership changes in 1980, and 1984. In 1987, the company was sold to Chrysler Corporation. In 1994, the company went through another ownership change, this time, it was the My com Set dco and V’Power Corporation. Finally in 1998, the company was jointly sold by its last owners to the Volkswagen Group.

HuracanintheSnowPresent situation

The company faced another major blow during the 2000 recession and experienced a sales drop of almost 50 percent. The company is still owned by Volkswagen, placed under the Audi segment and presently produces the V12 engine sports cars. Currently, the company is producing the Aventador and the Huracan, the latest entry in the lineup.


The company produces more than just sports cars. It had started off with SUVs, and the major product segment still includes luxury sports cars. However there are a few other product segments as well. They are:

  • Marine engines– The Class 1 powerboats of the World Offshore Series use the V12 marine engine blocks from Motori Marini Lamborghini. The engines have an approximate displacement of around 8,100cc and power output of about 940BHP.
  • Motorcycles– The Company had started producing a limited stock of 1,000cc sports bikes. Produced in collaboration with Boxer Bikes, France, the motorcycles had a plastic body, adjustable steering head, Lamborghini’s own alloy frame, and engine/transmission from Kawasaki.
  • Brand merch– Lamborghini has given brand license to a select few companies that produce bags, apparel, accessories, electronics, and even laptops.

Latest automobile

03-lamborghini-veneno-genevaThe 2015 product line includes just the Aventador and the Huracan. Both the V12 Aventador and the V10 Huracan models come in a coupe body style. The Aventador comes in the form of a roadster as well. The LP 610-4 Spyder version was launched in India recently.

Priced at INR 3.89 crore, the latest Huracan Spyder will find good scope in the Indian market which has a rising interest in luxury cars. Sebastien Henry, the Head of the Company’s Southeast Asia unit said that India is a key strategic market for the Company.

Debuted at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the Huracan Spyder is a successor of the Gallardo. The fate of the Company in the Indian market depends heavily on the response of the market to the 2015 Huracan Spyder.