Is your child missing out on an amazing toy, this is the electric car for kids. These cars are great for children and there are so many positive outcomes of using them, such as they get children to go outside when it’s warm and get plenty of fresh air, also it sparks their imagination. It does this by giving the freedom to decide where the cars going, they could be going to work or going on an adventure, it encourages them to use their imagination and have fun. There are many of these cars, each with their own unique style and fantastic features. They come in a wide range of brands like Maserati and Minis as well as so many others. Also, they come in a wide selection of colours making them suitable for all boys and girls, as they should be able to easily find one that they like. Some of the cars are even official licensed products of certain brands.

An amazing kid’s electric car is the Cayenne Salon 12V kid’s electric car. It has a parental remote control so the adults can join in on the fun and mp3 music function to make the journeys even more fun. The car has suspension and working lights and sounds; they make it seem even more real as it makes it seem just like a real car. The car has opening doors for easier access into the car, as well as a battery indicator so you know when to charge it and never run out of fuel. This car is suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years, it comes in two stunning colours, red and white; it also has a top speed of 3mph.

kids electric carOne of these cars is the BMW X6 kids car, this car is ideal for children that are aged 3 to 8 years old. This car comes in blue, black, red and white; all of these colours fit the car perfectly. The car is even an official BMW licensed product; it comes with a seatbelt for safety purposes and has a large leather seat so the journeys are a lot more comfortable and relaxing. The car has working lights and sounds so the car can be used at any time of day and to make it more realistic, also it has a parental remote control. The car has a top speed of 4mph and 2 12V motors; plus it has an mp3 music function so they can listen to music when they drive around.

Another one of the popular electric kid’s cars would be the Mini Cooper Beachcomber car. This car is a twin seater which means they can use it with their friends or siblings to make the journeys more enjoyable. It’s even an official Mini licensed product, with rear storage for toys and it comes in bold colours such as red, yellow and white; these make it stand out more than the other cars. It has two powerful 12V motors and has a maximum speed of 4mph; making the journeys fun but also safe.

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